Benefits of Having Dough Sheeter and What to Consider when Buying One


According to a Harris Poll, pizza is Americans’ number one favorite comfort food. Many people enjoy devouring mouthwatering cakes, pastries, and pizza. However, the preparation part can be very challenging. To make baking perfect, you need to have best practice and suitable baking equipment. Some of the most important equipment include dough sheeter, spiral dough mixer, bread prover, and oven.

Dough sheeter machine enables professional bakers to prepare a massive number of dough-based products in a short time. Whether it is a local bakery, large pizzeria, or commercial restaurant, you will find an ideal dough sheeter. The equipment makes the baking process fast. In this article, we explore more about dough sheeter and its benefits.

What is a Dough Sheeter?

Dough sheeter is a machine used in bakery and pizza shops to produce dough products with perfect thickness. This commercial kitchen equipment comes in handy when you need to roll dough in equal sizes.

Although it is more costly compared with other commercial kitchen equipment, the services will be worth every single penny. You really need this machine to prepare cake fondant, pizza crust, and pie crusts.

How it Works

Bread sheeter machine comes with several rollers that compress the dough as they rotate. Top of the line sheeters produces smooth and consistent dough sheets. A gauging roller gives the dough the right thickness.

What are the Benefits of Using Dough Sheeter?

Save Time

Rolling out dough manually is time-consuming. Training the staff to do manual rolling is consumes more time and effort. This time can be spent doing other tasks. A commercial dough sheeter produces colossal quantities of rolled dough in a few minutes. All you have to do is place dough balls, and the dough sheeter machine will do the rest. With optimum dough production, you will notice increased profits. A sheeter makes the traditionally tedious job of making puff pastry a breeze.

Standardized Production

The last thing you want is your customer complaining of uneven pastry or pizza. When people manually roll out the dough, you will obviously have uneven sizes. It is almost impossible to attain standardized output with manual work. A dough sheeter machine, on the other hand, is designed to standardize production. You simply set the width and length, and you can be assured that the machine will produce standard size all the time. Also, all your cakes, pizza, or other dough-based products will have the same texture. This balance and with added flavor will keep customer coming back again. If you want identical pieces and consistent results, you should definitely get a sheeter. If you sell pizza, you will be assured there will be no more traditional rolled edges.

Gives you Control Over Ingredients

By using dough sheeter, you get more control over ingredients. During the dough making process, you can easily define ingredients amount and set the recipe. This means that you can quantify the measurement, hence optimize the quantities for a certain occasion or menu.

Important Things to Consider when Buying Dough Sheeter

1. Durability

A dough sheeter machine is expected to work for long during the production process. When choosing a dough sheeter, you should ensure it is durable to withstand constant use. Ensure the components and equipment is solid. Stainless steel is the best material due to its anti-corrosion and durability features. Better still buy a machine with a good warranty.

2. Easy To Use

A dough sheeter should be easy to operate. Even the latest models which use LCD controls and displays should be simple to use.

3. Speed options

A perfect model should have varying speed options. You will, therefore, be able to select the most suitable rates for different dough types. For instance, some dough types require high speed. You may be required to reduce speed as the dough thins out.

4. Energy consumption

When buying a dough sheer, you should also consider overall power consumption. Go for the most efficient machine. It could save you some money on energy bills.


A dough sheeter will boost your commercial baking job. The good news is that the machine can last long if well taken care of. In addition to maximizing efficiency, it also saves money and enhances hand tossing skills.

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