Micro greens are super healthy and super tasty, keep your fridge stocked!


We all try to maintain a healthier diet and add more exercise to our daily lives to increase our overall quality of life. Adding superfoods to your diet can vastly improve many things like energy levels, digestion, immunity, as well as multiple beauty improvements that many women are trying to tackle on a daily basis.

Using microgreens in everyday cooking is super simple and they can be used in almost all recipes you already use on a daily basis. Organic micro greens are a tiny form of edible greens produced from very young vegetable, herb or other plants. They can range in size from 1 to 1.5 inches long, every bit of the plant is used including the stem and leaves. Microgreens are such a delicate taste they don’t take over the flavour of other recipes so adding them to soups, stews, sandwiches, and other dishes is easier than you would think.

Many people have attempted to grow their own organic micro greens in their homes to try and save money but it tends to be more challenging than some anticipate. If you haven’t had the opportunity to gain a green thumb it is best to avoid even attempting to grow microgreens. Microgreens require certain lighting, very limited watering, proper fertilization, good ventilation, and have very touchy temperature requirements. It is much more cost-efficient and less stressful to simply buy them from your local market.

There are a number of different organic micro greens you can enjoy as well as varieties of edible flowers that are both delicious and beautiful. Edible blossoms, crystalized flowers and candied flowers are some of the most popular decorations in weddings for cakes and cupcakes. These beautiful edibles add a touch of whimsy to gorgeous cakes that can’t quite be duplicated in a sugary confection form.

The saying is you eat with your eyes first which is why it comes as no surprise that fancy decor like organic micro greens is growing in popularity both in home cooking and on the professional side. When it comes to food presentation and plating, children like to see 6 food colors and 7 different food components whereas adults prefer 3 colors and 3 food components. Making your food look and taste great has never been easier with the sensational microgreen trend.

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