Top 10 Grilling Tips How to Get More Flavor When Grilling


With the start of grilling season right around the corner, many are getting their grills ready and planning their first BBQ food event of the season.

In this video, grill master Kent Rollins shares some of his best grilling tips:

1. Lemons and limes are great to tenderize food before grilling.

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Lemon is best for seafood and poultry, and limes go best with pork, beef, and game.
2. Do not under-season your food.
3. When grilling chicken, put them in a plastic bag and use a roller to break up the membrane. This helps the chicken to absorb more seasoning.
4. When grilling a thick pork chop, wrap it in foil and grill each side for four minutes on each side, then sear on the hot part of the grill.
5. Do not use lighter fluid to light your grill. Use propane, paper, or specially designed starters.
6. Wait until your coals are white hot until you start grilling.
7. Direct and indirect heat is important to differentiate. Larger pieces of meat should be seared on the hot side of the grill. Use the cooler side to put nearly done pieces of meat.
8. Gas grills are convenient, but you don’t get the same flavor as charcoal grills. Add some wood chunks to the grill to get some of the smoke flavor on the BBQ food.
9. When maintaining your grill, it is best to clean the grates after cooking when the grill is still not. You can clean them with a wire brush or stiff sponge and rub them over the grates.
10. Use the right utensil. This is especially important when grilling delicate fish. Use tools that are the right size for the food you are cooking.

As you get ready for grilling season, take these tips to create a great summer menu.

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