Different Ways You May Can Your Own Jams


Have you ever canned your own jam? This video presents an easier way to get the job done, with the TruMark table top filling machine. In this video, the machine is described and demonstrated.

One highlight of the machine is the filling accuracy, which is stated to be 99.5%. This means that canning hundreds of jars of jam becomes easy, as the machine produces a standard amount of jam for each can.

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This reduces the time it takes to do it manually, and completely eliminates the possibility of human error. In just one minute, it can fill 8–10 cans of jam, which is much more efficient than what a person can do. Also, there is not one standard volume. A knob allows the user to fill the jars to a specified amount.

Another advantage of this table top filling machine is that the nozzle shuts off between fillings, meaning that there won’t be a drippy mess between jars. Jam is not the only substance that works perfectly with this machine. It is also extremely effective with substances such as sauces, honey, juices, hygenic creams and shampoos, and more. For each of these, the table top filling machine is the perfect tool to increase efficiency, reduce mess, and make sure that every container has an even volume of whatever you are producing to be stored, consumed, or sold.


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