Classy Candy for Adults


At first, it’s tempting to dismiss candy as the kind of thing only kids like; everyone has heard children beg for candy in the grocery store, after all, and kids love to go trick or treating every Halloween. But don’t forget that during the right occasions, chocolate candy and bulk personalized candy (such as mint candy) is a great gift for adults of all ages, too. Many adults enjoy candy too, though their tastes are more specific and refined than those of children. While kids like pretty much anything that is sweet, older candy lovers may have a taste fo5r mint candy in particular, or they prefer chocolate-covered cherries or strawberries. During classy parties or the right holidays, you’re more likely going to buy some succulent candy for an adult than a kid. Let’s review the options.

Americans and Eating Candy

Some nations such as France and Switzerland have higher consumption of chocolate per capita than the United States, but still, Americans do love this treat, and after all, chocolate’s origins come from Native Americans (including its name). The Aztecs drank liquid chocolate, and chocolate has since rapidly spread across the globe. Today, the average American consumes around 25 pounds of candy each year, and around half of that is chocolate bars. Statistics also show that children love eating hard and chewy candy, while adults greatly prefer chocolate over other kinds of candies (lollipops, gummy bears/worms, etc). Overall, some 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate is eaten across the United States each year, which calculates to 11 pounds per person. And in 2015, it is believed that Americans ate 18% of the world’s chocolate confectionery (by value). It’s one thing to “grab a Snickers”; how else do Americans like to indulge in fine chocolate?

Mint Candy and More

Some holidays are the ideal time for chocolate candies, such as Valentine’s Day. In fact, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are a staple image of this February holiday, and the candies inside can vary wonderfully from one flavor to another. In fact, many chocolate boxes have labels in them to show which candy is which flavor or type, from mint candy chocolate to coconut-flavored to chocolates with cherries inside or walnuts. Easter, meanwhile, is another major candy holiday for kids and adults alike, and kids love to get baskets of chocolate eggs and rabbits, among other treats. Mother’s Day, meanwhile, is a fine day to send boxes of chocolates to mothers everywhere.

When else might Americans try out some chocolate? How about an office party? Many office parties and house parties will include a dessert section, which can have anything from arrangements of chocolates to a chocolate fountain where party guests can dip strawberries, marshmallows, and other treats for a sugary fondue. This is one of the classiest ways to eat chocolate, and guests can have fun trying different fruits and snacks with the chocolate fountain, such as pineapple or banana slices. A Christmas party is another fine time for chocolates and related desserts, which are more likely to have a holiday theme to them, such as peppermint bark candies or gingerbread men to mint candy bits or cherries.


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