7 Kitchen Must Haves When Remodeling


The kitchen is basically the center of the home. You can use this room for everything, from helping your kids with homework, entertaining your friends, home office, cooking, and even dining. This is why it makes sense to invest a lot in the functionality and appearance of your kitchen.

Before you start your remodeling project, it helps to have a list of things that you consider kitchen must haves. There are things you can skip, like having the electricians sort things out and ant removal (if you have an ant problem), getting the plumbing serviced, and getting an AC install. However, when it comes to the actual design, some things are optional. It becomes more about finding elements that work well with each other. Take a look at this list of the kitchen must haves when remodeling.

Add Some Uncommon Storage Options

This is definitely one of the kitchen must haves when remodeling. Storage is quite important in the kitchen, but you have to be clever about it. While it might seem like storage serves a purely functional role, your storage options will also affect how your kitchen looks. Gone are the days when boring storage spaces were the norms. Nowadays, there are lots of kitchen interior design ideas for storage that can help you liven up your kitchen while elevating its functionality as well.

Kitchen Island

If your kitchen space is large, then you have the option of going for a kitchen island. The kitchen island has always been a hangout spot of choice in the kitchen, and it’s definitely one of the kitchen must haves when remodeling. It also provides the much-needed surface to place all the things you need while preparing meals. You might also find that it comes in quite handy as a makeshift home office or classroom. But did you also know that you can use your kitchen island to sneak in extra storage? That’s one more reason to sway in favor of a kitchen island when remodeling your kitchen space.

If you follow the trends, you will find that upper custom cabinet design is increasingly falling out of style. However, this means that you need to come up with other clever ways of ensuring that there is enough storage in the kitchen and a kitchen island fits right in there with other great ideas like open shelving. When designing your kitchen island, you can build deep cupboards to stow the things you don’t use frequently. You can also have some open shelving on your kitchen island to display cookbooks and treasured kitchen tools. All this can be done without sacrificing style.

Hanging Storage

Another great idea to add to your kitchen storage and improve the look of your kitchen is to implement hanging storage facilities. This is perfect for kitchens will limited amounts of space. If you can’t install enough cabinetry, then hanging storage might be your next go-to. Hanging storage is also ideal when there is no space for a kitchen island. Hanging kitchen storage offers an array of benefits. It takes up minimal space and provides a great organizational structure. A hanging kitchen cabinet is the definition of versatility when it comes to kitchen storage options. You can get some that are made from stainless steel, or you can also get wooden ones. If you are going for a minimalistic kitchen look, this would be a perfect storage option for you.

How About a Small Pantry?

Don’t forget about the pantry area as well. It might seem like kitchen cabinets are enough to store everything you need, but they can become a bit unreliable when it comes to bulk purchases. If you have the budget for it, you should consider setting aside a little space to install a pantry room for storing supplies for long periods of time.

Add a Tile Backsplash

This is definitely one of the kitchen must haves when remodeling. The backsplash is an inevitable part of cooking the best-tasting meals for your family. It’s almost impossible to control the sputtering and splatters. You can, however, find a way to stop them from ruining the entire kitchen. So, do you need a backsplash? Yes, you do. This is something you should strongly consider during the kitchen remodeling process. While you might not need a tile backsplash the same way you need a sink or countertop, they can add some elegance to your kitchen, and as mentioned before, they can help keep the walls more presentable. A tile backsplash is a great way to prevent water, grease, and other liquids from damaging your walls. Without one, the exposed wall is going to require a lot of maintenance.

A tile backsplash is strategically located to control the imminent moisture from ruining your kitchen as well. It’s a great idea to have this structure pre-installed during your kitchen renovation. Apart from the functional bits of things, a tile backsplash is also perfect if you are looking to add some color and personality to your kitchen. There are unlimited options when it comes to the colors and patterns you can pick for your backsplash. If you are looking to make a colorful addition to your kitchen or to maintain the color scheme you already have, there will be a backsplash for that as well. If your aim is to give the room some “pop,” then you might get the outcomes you are looking for by opting for a brightly colored or uniquely patterned backsplash.

What makes backsplashes some of the most common kitchen additions is how they are quick and easy to install. They also don’t take up a lot of space. However, you may want to wait until you are done with everything else so you can figure out the type of backsplash to install that blends well with everything else.

Add Some Advanced Stainless Steel Appliances

The majority of appliance manufacturers nowadays are using stainless steel to make their products because of how durable, hygienic, and strong the material is. Stainless steel appliances are quite sleek and hardy. They can withstand extreme heat, and they can also do well in cold temperatures. Another advantage of appliances made from this material is that they are quite easy to clean. If you have a business schedule, this would be perfect for you. It may be difficult to find time to scrub those burners and spilled food. If your appliances are made from stainless steel, a quick wipe should do the trick and enable you to do away with stains and residues.

Not to mention, stainless steel appliances add a modern feel to your kitchen. Steel generally looks pretty spectacular. If you are going for something trendy and sleek, this should be your top choice. You will also find that most modern designers recommend it because of how it looks and how resistant it is to the bad stuff. Steel is known to fight off rust well, which can be a problem with metal appliances. If you are looking for appliances that will last for long without showing too much wear and tear, then look no further.

How About a Touch of Metallic Hardware

Metals are a great way to add some flair to your kitchen space, making them one of the kitchen must haves when remodeling. Whether you are going for a contemporary kitchen design or something more modern, metallic hardware will elevate the look of your kitchen. It literally fits into everything. Stainless steel is great for a variety of things. Imagine how a stainless steel sink would merge easily with the rest of your appliances. You can even add stainless steel faucets to boost the aesthetic value of your new kitchen.

The kitchen sink generally suffers the worst of the worst in the kitchen, and considering how durable it is, it makes sense to put steel right there in the frontline. It will do a lot to keep it protected. Steel doesn’t rust easily, and the stains come off with ease. If you are looking to sell your home, then you should definitely consider stainless steel for your hardware. It will go a long way in convincing buyers that your kitchen is something they should get for themselves.

Substantial Materials for Your Countertops

The majority of people overlook the importance of choosing the best materials for cabinets, countertops, and tiles. Most people would rather save money on these items so they can sponsor other areas they imagine would make the most impact on their kitchen design. However, this is not the best approach. Kitchen countertops have to handle a lot of rigorous activities while you are preparing your meals. It, therefore, makes a lot of sense to have some good quality and good-looking countertops that won’t crack easily.

Some of the most popular options for kitchen countertops are marble and granite. The disadvantages of using these are that they chip, crack, or even yield germs. While these material options are super sturdy, they are also a hot zone for infestation because of how porous they are. Most even come with visible cracks. Instead of going with these materials, you might want to try out quarts. This will probably be a better solution if you are looking for looks and functionality.

Quarts is extremely tough, and one could say it’s as close to unbreakable as it gets. This makes it one of the most durable options when it comes to kitchen countertops. Additionally, quartz countertops come with a hardy exterior that makes it impossible for germs to hide and breed on them. This will keep your kitchen clean and hygienic always.

Throw in Some Statement Deco

The kitchen is not just a place where you prepare food. It’s an integral part of your home, so it also deserves a décor worthy of its valor. This is why you need to take your time finding a list of the kitchen must haves when remodeling. It might seem unnecessary to implement artwork and creative decorative pieces in your kitchen. If you feel like that, this doesn’t mean that you still can’t liven up the place with lighting and fixtures for added effect.

Another great way to create a statement in your kitchen is to add some tall bar stools. It would be great if you had a kitchen island. You can place them around it to convert a section of it into a mini-bar with jars of assorted ingredients. Another great way to make your kitchen stand out is to add pendant lights. Such décor pieces are quite small, and they don’t get in the way of you making full use of your kitchen. The upside to adding such statement pieces is that they add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen and help you ensure that it keeps on par with the rest of the home décor.

Don’t Hesitate to Add Some Personal Touches

DIY is the buzzword right now. If you find yourself spending more time at home, then you should take the chance to make your kitchen really yours. While an interior architecture specialist can help you make your kitchen modern and sleek, there are certain personal touches that only you can add. By making your own contributions to your kitchen, you will end up with a space that’s more homely and tailored to you.

You don’t even have to wait for the interior designer to be done for you to add some personal touches. If you know you will want to renovate your kitchen sometime in the future, all you need to do is make some pieces in advance. That way, when the kitchen remodeling contractors and the designers come, you can simply ask them to install some of your personal pieces that you would have designed and created. Depending on how crafty you are, you can make anything from appliance stands to china and bar stools. You can also order some DIY furniture from IKEA and paint them yourself with customized designs. Maybe you want to hang some photo frames with family pictures in the kitchen; that will work wonders when it comes to personalization as well.

Looking for kitchen must-haves when remodeling? Adding some personal touches is a good way to give your kitchen more character. If you do it well, the space will feel more cozy. Unless, of course, the plan is to sell the home later, in which case, personalizing it will be pointless.

These are some additions that shouldn’t be missing from your kitchen remodeling project. Always take your time when approaching such projects so you can get the best outcome from your efforts. It’s also important to work with reliable professionals who can bring your ideas to life. Before you hire anyone for your kitchen remodeling project, ensure that you do a bit of background research. Check out their reviews online and find out what previous customers think of them.

Once you have your dream kitchen, don’t forget to keep up with the maintenance needs. From time to time, you should call the drain cleaning services to ensure that water keeps moving in your kitchen. Avoid the temptation to buy over-the-counter drain cleaners and do things yourself. Even if social media is filled with tips and tricks, some things need to be left to the professionals.

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